Helium Desktop

Task Management for Windows and Mac

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Email Server Synchronization

Helium integrates directly with your email server. Helium will automatically convert the email into a task, merge future emails on the same topic into the task, and best of all, once you complete the task in Helium it will automatically move the email on your server into an archive folder.

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Slice and Dice Tasks

Without adding any sorting and categorization overhead, Helium enables you to quickly slice and dice all of your tasks into numerous views across singles projects or even across everything. You can see exactly what is going on with all of your projects in just a matter of seconds.

Stunning User Interface

Helium will become your go-to source for everything that you need to accomplish every day. We won't use ugly software either, so we've armed Helium with a stunning and clean user interface. It's the one piece of software that you won't mind having open all the time.

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Cross-Platform Desktop Application

Working in a browser all the time is a drag. We've built Helium on the Adobe AIR platform so the same installation will work on any computer, any operating system. So whether at home or work, PC or Mac you have single intuitive interface.

Sharing and Delegation

The problem with personal productivity applications is that, well, they're personal. When was the last time you worked on something alone? Helium lets you delegate tasks to others whether they use Helium or not and easily see who's working on what. It's the perfect solution to collaborate on simple projects.

Bring Your Tasks with You

If you are using a different task management tool, Helium makes it possible to bring your tasks and projects with you. Helium will import tasks from Things, Toodledo, Remember the Milk, and Wunderlist.

And Tons of Other Great Features...

Offline Mode

Ever try to work offline in a browser-based application? Helium works great where ever you are, plugged into a network, on an airplane or in the field. It automatically connects when it can and works perfectly when it cannot.

Merge Tasks

End up with multiple tasks that mean the same thing? Or add an email into Helium that should be part of existing task? No problem, you can merge tasks with a single click.

Link Tasks

Helium lets you link tasks together. For example, once your client approves the final design you may need to send a milestone invoice to the client and notify your production team to start building the site. In Helium, linking tasks into groups is a single click.