Helium for iPhone

Task Management that works where you do

Available on the App Store.

Cloud-based Sync

Helium for iPhone has the simplest sync you've ever seen on an iPhone. It just works. There's no need to remember to sync everything with your desktop before you leave the house. Helium automatically keeps both your desktop and iPhone in sync at all times. No extra steps, no nonsense.

Delegate Tasks Directly from Your iPhone

It doesn't matter where you are working, you can still delegate tasks to coworkers and friends. Simply set who you're delegating the task to and they'll receive an email requesting that they complete the task. Once they click on the link in the email to complete it, Helium will automatically update both your iPhone and desktop to show the completion. It couldn't be easier and it's the perfect way to keep projects moving forward when you're on the go.

Crazy Fast User Interface

We designed the iPhone version of Helium with one thing in mind: speed. We've stripped every screen down to just the essential information you need to capture tasks on the go. If you like faux leather and lots of distracting colors and textures, this is not the app for you. If you want to be able to capture a thought with one hand while you're sprinting through an airport terminal, buy it now.

Email Integration

Helium integrates directly with your email server. Helium will automatically convert an email into a task, merge future emails on the same topic into the task, and best of all, once you complete the task in Helium it will automatically move the email on your server into an archive folder.

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Sophisticated Sorting Made Easy

Group and sort your tasks to get a clear picture of what's next. Quickly organize tasks by date, tags, projects and more. And you can apply sorting to all points in your workflow, to projects, or to everything in the system. It gives you incredible transparency to what you have to do.

And Tons of Other Great Features...

Everything you need, nothing you don't

We did not try to recreate the desktop experience on your iPhone. Instead we started from the ground up to define the core features that allow you to keep track of your actions while seeing both the details of individual tasks and big picture of all of your projects. Features that aren't effective on the go have been reserved for the desktop keeping the iPhone app lean and clean.


Add notes to a task directly on your iPhone and have them sync with your desktop. Tasks created using the email integration automatically have notes attached with the original email body.